Project Description

Carbide green machining with diamond wire saws

Green carbide blank saw of company DRAMET cuts metal substrates

DRAMET diamond wire grinding machines cut carbide preforms into contours and 2D shapes.

Cutting carbide preforms with DRAMET diamond wire grinding machine has the technical advantage that even very thin strips do not break out. Thanks to the precise linear guidances (optionally with glass scales), ensuring dimensional accuracy when cutting carbide preforms is not a problem.

The linear guidances of the DRAMET DS 150 NC diamond wire grinding machine is hermetically encapsulated with bellows. As a result, these guidances are very low-maintenance even when cutting abrasive carbide preforms.

With its encapsulated, precise linear guidances, optimized piping for dust extraction and a low-maintenance wire unit, the DRAMET diamond wire carbide saw DS 150 NC is ideal for cutting carbide preforms.

Carbide green machining with diamond wire saws by DRAMET