The diamond wire saws of DRAMET saw in 2D contours

They are characterized by their diamond covered cutting wires

The use of diamond wire saws has many advantages. The sawing wire is diamond-covered on all sides. You can saw in any direction with the wire saws allowing for complicated 2D contours. The saw can be applied for example also in the manufacture of conical electrodes for sink erosion. A further advantage is the minimal heating of the diamond saw. The diamond wire can be easily fixed with low clamping force and a narrow cut allows for minimal waste and cutting dust.

The diamond wire always remains free and never jams. The multiple bending of the wire means that the chip space is cleaned more effectively during each cycle than is the case with rigid tools. The tightly guided saw wire enables precise cutting and the diamond wire saw is so designed that there is no chipping, making it particularly suitable for fragile materials.

Our saws for example are ideal for the sawing of contours in graphite. Precision in following the pre-programmed contour is achieved by the servo motor driven ballscrew feed rate. In connection with the automatic tool radius correction during the process, an optimal result is achieved.

Noteworthy also is the simple programming of the cutting contour by means of any CAD system or by the conversion software TwinView developed by Cad2Cad.