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We solve your cutting applications with sawing machines such as our diamond band saws and diamond wire saws.

DRAMET sawing machines and diamond tools are utilized in specific applications in industry. At DRAMET “Made in Germany” stands for exceptional quality and our own craftsmanship. DRAMET also manufactures custom tailored solutions due to being an expert for special diamond sawing machines. Not for nothing is DRAMET one of the leading manufacturers of wire saws and thin diamond saw bands as well as endless jointed diamond saw wires!

The company is situated in the Westerwald and handcrafts there its high-quality sawing machines. Great expertise and longstanding experience ensures that special quality in the development of the machine saws respective sawing machinery. One of the typical requirements for our saws is not only a perfect sawing result but also a perfect material saw feed. Here saw blades are controlled by surge, compression or also through offset sawblades such that our customers can count on best results. In fine-cut the waste is sucked off which is especially useful in a laboratory environment.

Our customer requirements relate predominantly to high precision in the cut. DRAMET is a reliable partner in fine-cut, and one who also cuts your materials on commission.

Our diamond saw blades from in-house production are designed for long-term usage and can be replaced at any time. The simple operation of our saws is of great advantage in the daily execution of sawing tasks. Our customers value this highly.

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