High precision sawing with DRAMET diamond band saws

Diamond band saws are characterized by their special diamond saw blades

The use of diamond band saws has many advantages. There is little waste due to the high precision of the band saws. Little feed forces are needed. Minimal saw warming is a further advantage. The utilized clamping forces needed for the working piece are minimal and the processing of fracture- or temperature-sensitive parts operates optimally.

The diamond band saws reach high band speeds with high cutting performance. The usage of our diamond band saws is nearly always recommended if the requirements of the surface after cutting is very high. The surface quality after the cut is as if ground due to machine design and the deployed diamond saw band.

Our diamond band saws are easy to use. Good feed units, the flawless motor and adjustable band speeds are standard. Operating elements can either be manually adjusted or regulated automatically according to customer wishes.

We offer our diamond saws in various designs so that you can always obtain the appropriate saw for your specific application.