Application areas for diamond saws among other things in the areas for quality management and materials testing

Our diamond saws are utilized in a variety of industrial sectors

Materials are crosscut within the framework of quality management
Automobile industry
Material testing and materials research in research and development
Glass cuts offer information on material quality and properties
Glass industry
Green bodies carbide blanks are cleanly cut without burr generation
Tool manufacture
Green bodies machining is a particular challenge, which our saws fulfill
Technical ceramics

We find the optimal solution for your cutting processes

The cutting of difficult materials

Not every material can be cut easily. We customize our machines to its hardness and to the specific material. Our customers can thus at all times rely on best cutting results.

Absolutely clean cutting edges

We guarantee the quality of our customer products through the clean workings of our machines. Absolutely precise cutting edges and the high precision with which our machines work is what sets us and our products apart.

Individual development work

We develop to individual customer requirements exactly the cutting machine with exactly the features you need

The quality of the material is crucial particularly in the automotive sector. Clean material cuts help in the testing of material processing. For this reason brake linings, tires or catalysts are cut with diamond saws. The clean saw cut allows for a reliable quality assurance for the materials.
Extremely clean saw cuts are required for the most divers of materials for research purposes, especially in the area of materials research. Here DRAMET offers individual diamond saws which are exactly designed for the application field. For example, the cutting of plastinates in anatomical institutes is a method used for the submission of organic specimens to a variety of tests.
Medical technology is a broad field. Here diamond saw are used in the area of dental ceramics. The diamond saws, therefore, must provide for exceptional performance within the framework of fine cut.
The glass industry uses diamond saws because they are able to cut optical glass or even glass blocks. The most important criterion is an absolute even glass surface with no breaking offs after the cut.
Precise cuts are also in tool manufacture a large field of application. Particularly clean cuts without cutting burrs are important in the manufacture of graphite electrodes. Green bodies carbide blanks also can be excellently cut with diamond saws.
Diamond saws are the best choice for performing flawless sawing operations in technical ceramics green bodies machining.