Project Description

The Diamond band saw BS230 XY is a well appointed laboratory machine

The diamond band saw BS230 XY impresses with its compact design

The machine is well appointed for laboratories and it has a fixed saw unit. Passage: (HxW) 200 x 200 mm, cutting length (x-Axis) 200 mm. Floor space 690 x 780 mm. Height 1850 mm.

To saw and cut different thicknesses the Diamond band saw BS230 XY is designed to permit, the adjust moving to be quickly set on a cross table that is operated by an servomotor.

The feed force is displayed on the screen, that can also be used to adjust the feed rate.

The feed rate describes the speed of the machine, not only to carry out the sawing but also clamping the material with an easy material consumption.

For added comfort the machine has a standard cab and measuring unit, that controls feed rate.

Both dry cutting and cutting with cooling are possible.


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The Diamond band saw BS230 XY cuts various substrates

More technical details on BS230 XY

The diamond saw band runs over two rollers in an endless loop. It is driven and pneumatically tensioned by the top roller. The band tension is set by the adjustable air pressure on the pressure reducer. Near the work area, the band is guided by two zero-backlash guide roller units. The wire is driven by a three-phase current motor controlled by a frequency transformer. The speed of the band can be set at any point between 200 and 2000 m/min.

The travel of the X and Y tables is program-controlled with ball screws and servomotors. Travel and feed rates are programmable. The tables can be positioned with the help of buttons. Control: Mitsubishi touch-screen PLC control with menu-driven programming. It can be operated with a dry cut or alternatively with cooling. For dry cutting, a suction unit is attached to the exhaust connector provided. For the stainless version, pure water can be used for cooling.

The BS230 XY is equipped as standard with a measuring unit to measure the feed force. During cutting, the feed force is displayed on the screen. This allows the feed and band speed to be optimally adjusted.

The equipment includes a spray protection cabin.

Technical data Description
Length: 780 mm
Width: 690 mm
Height: 1890 mm
Passage: 200 mm x 200 mm
Travel (X, Y): 200 mm, 200 mm
Deflection roller diameter Ø: 230 mm
Guide roller diameter Ø: 47 mm
Standard band: 0,7 mm x 8 mm, Länge 1870 mm
Band speed: 200 – 2000 m/min
Band tension: 2.000 N
Drive: Three-pase current motor 750 W
Weight: 150 kg
Maschinenmaße der Diamantbandsäge BS230xy
Dramet BS230-XY